Jill Detroit was born to sing. According to sources close to the artist (her mother), Jill sang before she talked. Her love of music inspired her to take up the violin, followed by a short-lived attempt at string bass, and then the piano. But it was truly "love at first sight" when Jill discovered the guitar. Although the guitar was intended as a gift for one of Jill's brothers, she quickly confiscated it and, according to the same sources "we didn't see her for a couple of years" while Jill holed up in her room, practicing until her fingertips begged for mercy. Much to her parents' dismay, Jill dropped out of college her first semester to follow her dream of performing. From solo performances to vocalist for big bands, folk to country to pop to jazz, under various pseudonyms, Jill's career has taken her from Detroit to Las Vegas, from England to Japan, and places in between. You've probably heard her voice on national commercials or television shows, including "Xena, Warrior Princess" and "Hercules." An accomplished keyboard player and guitarist, Jill began writing poetry at an early age and, upon discovering the guitar, began putting her poems to music. Together with her playwright brother, Scott Phillips, Jill created a musical called "Paris on the Brain" that has been performed in community theatre. Several songs from that musical are on Jill's first album, aptly titled "Paris on the Brain." Her second album, "Life of My Own Choosing," was released in April 2010, with the title song paying homage to Joni Mitchell, one of Jill's major musical influences. Jill's third album, "The Sea," released in October 2010, takes its title from one of Jill's earliest attempts to marry melody with poetry. In February 2011, Jill released her fourth album,"Tall Oaks and Tanglewood," followed by "Devil May Care," featuring songs from the second musical co-written with Scott Phillips. Jill followed this release with "Heart Felt," which includes the pop song, "Big Heart," and two songs Jill performs "unplugged" in a return to her acoustic folk roots. In November 2011, Jill released "Play Me Like A Saxophone," with ten original songs ranging from pop to light jazz, from Americana to folk. Her next release, "No Man's Land," included ten more original compositions that span genres and expand on some of Jill's favorite themes of independence and reflection. "Little Feet" was released in July 2012, with another ten songs, including "Stay Around," written by Bill Simpson, Jill's former bandmate, who joined Jill and their daughter Emily Simpson Cimino on the song. In November 2012, Jill released "Back To Square One," with ten songs that strike a folk-ish chord. The spring of 2013 saw Jill release two CDs: "Old Folks At Home," with songs from the third musical Jill has created with playwright Scott Phillips; and "Real Love," which takes on a more jazzy vibe. Jill's thirteenth album, "I'm Outta Here," was released in the fall of 2013, followed by "In the Presence of Grace," in April 2014. "Fight Like A Girl," was released in October 2014, with the title song dedicated to those brave women who battle breast cancer. In early 2015, Jill released "Jill Jazz," a collection of her jazzier originals, followed by "Wedded Bliss (Abyss)," with songs from the fourth Detroit/Phillips collaboration. "Eclipse," Jill's eighteenth album, with songs ranging from acoustic folk to classic ballads to upbeat catchy pop, was released in July 2015, followed in December 2015 by "Around the Corner," with ten more songs that continue the Detroit multi-genre legacy. Jill's 20th album, "See You Later," was released in August 2016 and features ten more Jill Detroit original musical gems ranging from pure pop to folk to light jazz and blues. In December 2016, Jill released "The Hippie In Me," with ten original songs that highlight Jill's focus on peace, love, and, well, harmony. Jill's first album of cover tunes, aptly entitled "Under the Covers," was released in the spring of 2017, just before "Pompeii, the Musical," with songs from the 5th Detroit/Phillips play. Jill's 24th album, "Step Up To The Plate," with 10 more original songs, was released in August 2017. Her silver (25th) album, "Be Careful What You Wish For," debuted in December 2017. "Under Cover Again," with more cover tunes, "Under the Influence," Jill's second devotional album, and "Songcatcher," with Detroit originals, were released in spring 2018. You can hear many of Jill's songs featured on Women of Substance radio at www.wosradio.com and you can check out Jill's videos on youtube. After living for several years in northern California, Jill returned to Las Vegas, where she has lived and performed over the years. Her unique writing and vocal style can best be categorized as "fusion," reflecting all the musical genres she has absorbed and performed since that first melody escaped her lips.