1. No Way Out

From the recording No Way Out

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who is already spoken for?


V1: Never felt this way before - haven't felt this way since
Sometimes I think I want more but that doesn't make sense
'Cause you can't give it so I can't get it
Here's to the moment - love it and live it

Cho: No way out - no way in
That's how it is - that's how it's been
No explanation needed - no excuses due
That's just how it is with me and you

V2: It's not just a rumor - love has a wicked sense of humor
Maybe one day we'll laugh as we turn and look back
But right now it's not fun to want to be with someone
On more than a part-time basis - I guess I have to face this


V3: Let me explain - this is all new terrain
Virgin territory for you and for me
But we can do this - we'll get through this
Where there's a will there's a way
Or so I've heard people say