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Again, sitting on my "songwriting couch" with guitar in hand and this song shows up, reflecting an optimistic tone that pretty much epitomizes my philosophy.


V1: Life is an ocean - sometimes stormy, sometimes still
I accept the notion that I don't much and maybe never will
But this much I know - if you go with the flow
The tide will take you where you need to go

V2: When life is a mountain - rocky and steep
I drink from the fountain of hope and keep on
Searching, striving for what I haven't got
I'll keep on climbing till I reach the top

Bridge: I can be grateful for all that I have
Or live life angry and sad
The path we take is our responsibility
The choices I make are all up to me

V3: Life is a meadow - luscious and green
When you open the window there's so much to see
Like a beautiful sunset, magnificent sunrise
All the rewards we get for being alive