From the recording Thank You For The Butterflies

Just like butterflies fly in and out of our surroundings, so do emotions.


V1: Happiness and sadness are like butterflies
They come and go at will
Both are gifts once you realize
They have a purpose to fill
How can we appreciate the joy
If we haven't suffered the pain?
They say what doesn't destroy us
Only strengthens the golden chain

Cho: Thank you for the butterflies
Thank you for the truth that lies
In their effervescent wings - in the hope their presence brings
For all the lows and highs they bring into our lives
I want to thank you - thank you for the butterflies

V2: Hope is a leaf falling from a tree
It's here and then gone
Love is a stone tossed carelessly
That sinks to the bottom of the pond
If the choices we make
Are part of fate or destiny
We can shift some of the blame
And take it off of you and me


Bridge: I'm not saying we have no responsibility
For every decision we make
I'm just opening the door to the possibility
That life is more than the sum of our mistakes

V3: If this is how the story goes
If life is a question mark
Then noone really knows
If it ends in light or dark
We can choose to live each day
As if it were our last
We can find a way
To gracefully let go of the past