From the recording I Don't Want to Miss You

The phrase "I don't want to miss you" kept coming to me and demanded to become a song. So I conjured up times in my life when a break-up seemed inevitable but the hope was still there that issues could be resolved and.....voila!


V1: What do I do when being with you breaks me in two?
I could just walk away - it's easier to say than do
You're so much a part of me now
I can't imagine how
Life would look or feel without you

Cho: I don't want to miss you - I don't want to cry
I don't want a single day to go by
Without feeling you and holding you close
Without seeing you and letting you know
How much I want to kiss you
I don't want to miss you

V2: You ask for one more chance
We've been here before - it's such a familiar dance
Is it just another episode
On our rocky relationship road
Or a sign we should resign from this romance?


Bridge: I need you to listen carefully
To what I have to say
If you want to be with me
Do what it takes to make me stay
I don't want to miss you

V3: Maybe some day we'll look back and smile
'Cause we can say we had it all for awhile
It's a lot more than some ever get
And maybe it's not over yet
If we can find a way to forgive and forget