From the recording The Road Not Taken


V1: You say you will but you won't
You say you can but you don't
Meanwhile life keeps passing you by
It don't take a genius to figure out why
Inaction is your reaction
To the fear of getting it wrong

Cho: If you find you're aching for the road not taken
What are you waiting for?
You can't regret what you haven't done yet
So be open to opening the door
There's so much more

V2: You say that you don't understand
How it works between a woman and a man
It's really not that hard to figure out
Caring, sharing - that's what it's all about
Actions speak louder than words
So far words are all that I've heard


Bridge: I hear you say there's always tomorrow
And that's okay till tomorrow doesn't come
What happens then?
What happens when the door closes forever
And you can never do or undo what you have or haven't done?

V3: You say you want to but you don't dare
You'd really like to try but you're scared
Isn't it time to abandon the disguise
And see yourself honestly through your own eyes?
Take a breath - let it out
Inhale the hope - exhale the doubt