From the recording Welcome to America

I was thinking about the irony of falling to one's knee to protest a perceived violation of one's rights when the very ability to protest is such a basic America right. And thus this song emerged. As I was writing the song, it dawned on me to incorporate parts of the Star Spangled Banner into the melody and the lyrics. I got to work with the master, Tommy Marolda, on production and we both had chills listening to the finished product.... Thank you, America.....


V1: We live in America, land of the free
Where I'll fight for your right to be who you want to be
And express yourself even if I don't agree
'Cause here in America, that right is guaranteed

Chorus: Welcome to America, home of the free
Here in America, you can be
Who you are or who you want to be
Welcome to America, land of liberty

V2: Here in America, we can be proud
Of the legacy that encourages me to speak out loud
Whether you're left or right or middle of the crowd
Free speech in America is always allowed


Bridge: When you hear the Stars and Stripes begin to play
Go ahead and pledge allegiance in your own way
Stand tall or fall down on your knee
This is the home of the brave and the land of the free

V3: We in America can never forget
Those who sacrificed and gave their lives so our dreams could be met
The price they paid for liberty
Reminds us all that freedom isn't free


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And the home of the brave