From the recording Silly Little Dances

Where do these songs come from? I just sat down with my guitar, started doodling, and next thing you know, this little ditty emerged. Sometimes you just have to give in to the inspiration.


V1: I know you're gonna miss my silly little dances
And hearing all about my crazy romances
You may think you can live without me
But there's no doubt we fit like a glove

I know you're gonna miss hearing me sighing
You gotta admit it beats hearing me crying
I don't think you realize
How much those little sighs make you feel loved

Cho: But go ahead and try to say goodbye
We both know you can't let go
You just can't stay - can't stay away

V2: You have a way of looking right through me
And I have to say it does something to me
That I have never experienced, before or since
Something I've not felt

The way we fit together so well makes me think
We need to pay attention to natural instinct
And recognize this is nature's way
Of getting us to play the cards we're dealt


V3: Just in case you're thinking you're way out of my league
Consider that may be part of the intrigue
Listen - you just need to give in
And concede you can't outsmart your heart