From the recording CHIMES

Someone suggested I create a mnemonic to describe the kind of person I would like to be paired with. I came up with "CHIMES" and, much later, this song emerged.


When I picture my perfect love:
Caring, Honest, Intelligent, Musical, Energetic, Sexy

V1: I'm looking for my chimes, where can he be?
I know I'm gonna find him eventually
No need to settle for anything less
'Cause I believe we each deserve to have the very best

Cho: Chimes is caring, confident, and cool
Honest, happy, with a sense of humor too
Intelligent, imaginative, musical and masculine
With lots of energy and empathy
Sober, sovereign, sexy

V2: I'm searching for my chimes and I won't stop
I'm gonna give it everything I've got
'Cause I want to know how it feels when
I get to be with my lover and my very best friend


C-H-I-M-E-S Chimes
C-H-I-M-E-S Chimes

V3: I'm waiting for my chimes to ring out loud
To find me in the middle of a crowd
It's gonna be so worth the wait
When I get to be with my one true soulmate