From the recording The Innocent Me

Playing around with my amazing Martin guitar, I heard myself saying "I mourn the loss of the innocent me" and felt so sad. Following that thought, this song emerged. I've experienced much in my life, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and consider myself to be an optimist but sometimes that optimism opens the door to disappointment when reality steps in. I'm still an optimist but maybe just a little bit more guarded now....


V1: I mourn the loss of the innocent me
I'm afraid she's gone permanently
She thought truth built a solid wall
And love conquers all
But the truth is - that's a myth
Invented by someone who had little to give
Who only said what he needed to say
To get his own way

Cho: Now she's gone - gone
She's gone

V2: I already miss the innocent me
Especially her naiveté
Though I can't say exactly when
She left but since then
The world's a different place
Now there's two sides to every face
And the belief that love will prevail
Seems like a fairy tale


Bridge: Nothing prepares you for losing the dream
But once you're awake, you can't un-see what you've seen

V3: Now I mourn the loss of the innocent me
She's forever lost unfortunately
I've got to accept the fact
She won't be coming back