1. Why Lie

From the recording Why Lie

It's so much harder to keep lies straight than to just tell the truth. Just having a between-takes conversation with Tommy Marolda and the phrase "Why lie?" appeared. The next day he asked, "Did you write it yet?" My response: "Pretty much...."


V1: Remember when I met you
You said I'd never forget you
You'd be my one and only
I'd never be lonely
Even then I knew it wasn't true
Shame on me - shame on you
Now look me in the eye
Why lie?

V2: Your promise to be true
Turned out to be a lot like you
So pretty on the outside
Just a little shitty on the inside
I'm a big girl - I can take it
You don't have to fake it
Be a stand-up kind of guy
Why lie?

Bridge: Don't tell me what you think I want to hear
Let me set you straight - make it clear
The greatest gift you can give to me
Is pure unadulterated honesty

V3: Well, I've got news for you
I have a few confessions too
Not really lies
More like secrets in disguise
If I'm gonna talk the talk
I better walk the walk
I've got nothing to hide
Why lie?
Look me in the eye
Why lie?