From the recording Make Up Your Mind


V1: We're walking a fine line, baby
Running out of time - headed for a collision
Give me a sign, baby
Make up your mind - make a decision
I'm no damsel in distress
Sending out an SOS
You need to reassure me
By pulling me closer or setting me free

Cho: Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Give me a sign
Make up your mind

V2: I'm no stranger to danger
But I'm no guardian angel
Still I'll come to your rescue
If you really need me to
I know we're not royalty
We're just 2 people who happen to be
Totally in sync
At least that's what I think

Cho: Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Tell me you're mine
Make up your mind

Bridge: Just so there's no misunderstanding
Right from the start
I want you to know I'm handing you
A roadmap to my heart

V3: I don't claim to be saint
And patient I ain't
If you're not sure what to do
Well, just take a minute or two
To get your priorities straight
I'm just not sure how long I can wait
I've got a sense of urgency
In my defense, this is all new to me

Cho: Make up your mind
Make up your mind
We're running out of time
Make up your mind