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Written for the musical "Paris on the Brain"
Script by Scott Phillips
Original songs by Jill Detroit




We put the fun in dysfunctional
That's what this family's about
Yes, we put the fun in dysfunctional
And we can take it right back out!

Verse 1L
Remember the time when you ran away
And didn't come home for a day?
When you returned, it was only to learn
Your room had been rented away

And how 'bout those trips in the family car
So full with no room to spare
We stopped by the road to lighten the load
I wonder if Grandma's still there

Off to the seashore where every day
We baked in the sun 'till we fried
Dad got so red that everyone said
"Look at the lobster man -- Hide!!"


Verse 2:
How 'bout the time when we all dressed up
To eat at the new place in town
We got to the place and had egg on our face
When we saw saw Mickey Dee staring down

And who can forget when we gathered to
Meet with your latest conquest
He seemed kinda shocked when we asked for his sock
To conduct the required stink test

I still see Dad's face when you telephoned
To tell him that your wounds would heal
But the car fared much worse, upside down in reverse
On a rock in the middle of a field