From the recording I'm Coming Home


I'm Coming Home

V : I just let myself go -- I could feel myself fall
With no thoughts of gravity or anything at all
Leaving behind the saddest time I'd ever known
With my spirits so high...because finally I am heading for home

V2: I don't know how to hold back or to act nonchalant
'Cause I feel that with you I could have everything I want
So happy to find the kind of peace of mind you've shown
It feels so natural and I knew that it would... when I finally came home

Cho: I'm coming home....I never thought I'd ever get here
Didn't think it existed, and if it did, I'd lost the way
But something drew me like a beacon to your light, dear
Now I am home and home is where I'm gonna stay

V4: If I knock on your door....would you let me come in?
You'd see standing before you a true confidante and friend
I'll bundle all the pain and shame I've ever known
And leave them there at the door 'cause I'm finally sure
That I've found my way home
I'll leave them there at the door because I'm sure
I'm coming home.