From the recording Life of My Own Choosing



V1: We met up a movie screen
In a plot of our own making
You played the heavy...I was the queen
Sometimes giving....mostly taking
Ah, you were all and your were nothing
You were so clever and amusing
And I left your sweetness and your sting
For a life of my own choosing

Cho: And it's oh, yes it's much better now
I got my head on straight...I hope it's not too late
I think I'll try it anyhow
You know the end is finally in sight
Our roles are firmly need to play those tricks
I know you're not my shining knight....but that's alright

V2: We fell together like firecrackers
Each meeting an explosion
With a handpicked cast of the finest actors
A complete array of emotion
Since then it's been an uphill climb
One that I'm often losing
But at least the loss is only mine
And it's a life of my own choosing


V3: You'll go your way, I'll go mine
And we won't pin each other down
I'll write you if I have the time
You can see me when you're in town
Though it may not be ideal for us
It might be a little confusing
It's still the way that I feel for us
And it's a life of my own choosing.