From the recording I've Loved You All My Life


(I Just Didn't Know It)

V1: If you had never caught my eye
And let the moment pass us by
Well, who knows where you or I'd be at this moment?
But when my lashes slowly raised
I met your sweet and steady gaze
And I knew I'd loved you all my life

V2: Is there an instant when you knew
You were for me and I for you?
Well, if so, I don't recall you ever showed it
But from the first time our eyes met
Locked in a look I'll not forget
Then I knew I'd loved you all my life

Cho: No, I didn't know
So how could I show?
Oh, I couldn't believe it
That I could give and receive it

V4: And now I can't imagine how
I lived without you until now
I've loved you all my life....I just didn't know it
Oh, I've loved you all my life...I just didn't know it.