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What can I say? When the inspiration comes knocking, you just have to open the door....


V1: Here's the story of a lonely spirit
So defeated - a mess of a man
With nowhere to go, he needed saving so
He could live his life as planned
Crying out to an unknown power
In desperation on his knees
And who was there to answer his prayer
The one who brings us peace

V2: It was truly a defining moment
He changed forever in a way
So deeply and completely
He found heaven that day
Those who got to meet him
Once the change in life took place
Marveled at this man, whose pure joy and
Love shone on his face

Cho: Under the influence of God
Under the influence of God
So much comfort can be brought
Under the influence of God

V3: Some of us are gifted
With strength and stability
Others use substances to free them
From mediocrity
We're all part of the same journey
We each have something we can give
We may not get to decide how we're going to die
But we can choose how we're going to live