1. Second Fiddle

From the recording Second Fiddle

Don't settle for second place if you think you deserve to be first. My producer let me know that one of his other artists had cancelled a studio date so did I want to take their place? Of course, I quickly responded in the affirmative and signed it "Sloppy Seconds." I wrote this song with that title in mind but was convinced to change it to "Second Fiddle." Wouldn't want to offend anyone now, would I?


Cho: I'm not your second fiddle
So let's not play around
I'm not your midnight option
Don't call me just for fun
I'm not lady-in-waiting
So don't think I don't count
I'm not some understudy
I'm a winner - I'm number one

V1: Every time you call me I get the feeling
You really want to talk to someone else
Every time you're with me it seems like
You really want to be with someone else
Well, if that's how you feel about it
You know what you can do about it
Go for what you want - what's stopping you?
Don't you want to live the dream - I know I do


V2: When was the last time you felt appreciated
I bet you can't remember when
Let me remind you - I was behind you
Pushing you to be all you can
I've learned to be grateful
For love I've managed to attract
I like giving it too - especially to you
So pay attention when I mention that fact

Bridge: I'm not asking for any special favors
Or expecting any tit-for-tat
I just want to be candid
Don't take me for granted
I'll put up with almost anything but that