From the recording Keep A Watchful Heart

Reaction to violent shootings in church and in Las Vegas


Tag: Keep a watchful heart and always a mindful eye

V1: I don't understand what makes a man
Walk into a church with a gun in his hand
As if he has the right to take somebody's life
Simply because he can

V2: There's a man who's made up his mind
Gonna take a bite out of all mankind
With nothing to live for he barricades his door
And aims at anyone he can find

Cho: Where's the heart - where's the soul?
What were they thinking - will we ever know?
Now we'll all share the pain
Over and over again

V3: Of one thing I'm sure
I don't want to be afraid anymore
Risking losing my life just because I decide
To walk outside my door


Bridge: Could anyone have stopped them
Did anybody know
Is this the way it's gonna be
What's it gonna take
To make the cycle break
I guess it's up to you and me

Cho: Where's the heart, where's the soul
Take what we've learned - use what we know
To try and ease another's pain
Don't want to see this again and again