1. Good Enough

From the recording Good Enough

What works for one may not work for another. So many people I meet are satisfied with "good enough" while I keep searching for "happy." Why can't I settle? Who knows? But I embrace the journey toward happiness.


Cho: Just because it's good enough
Good enough for you
Doesn't mean it's good enough for me (Repeat)

V1: Some say I'm a loner - that's not true
I just want to own my life, don't you?
I'm not willing to settle for less
I'm forever in pursuit of happiness


V2: Sometimes the signs are crystal clear
You know where to go - you just have to face your fear
I listen to what other people say
But in the end, my friend, it's gotta be my way


Bridge: Not every action demands reaction
Sometimes you need to give it a rest
But when good enough isn't good enough
Are you brave enough to hold out for the best

V3: Once again, at the risk of repeating
Let me say happiness can be fleeting
You're the only one who really knows
If you can live with the status quo