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Jill Detroit: Music

Live Life Loud

(Jill Detroit)
April 20, 2018
Jill Detroit
Live life as if you only have one to enjoy. I sat down with my guitar and starting picking out this song. Once it started, it wrote itself. I wondered about references to members of our family that left this world too soon (Wyatt and Rosie) but the song is so intimately personal that removing those references would dilute the authenticity. This is the song that needs to be played when I move on to the next chapter in my life......
V1: I believe now is the time for me to leave you all behind
Don't be sad - please don't cry
Haven't we had the most marvelous ride?
You can't take it with you when you go
That's what people say and I believe it so
Live life loud, live it free
Make me proud - will you do that for me

V2: I've broken some hearts in my day
Had mine broken too along the way
I've said goodbye to those dear to me
Wonderful Wyatt, beautiful Rosie
What they taught us when they left
Is life is short so cherish happiness
Live life loud, live it free
Do what makes you most happy

V3: I'm sorry to leave but I'm ready to go
Not sure what that means - not sure I'll ever know
Maybe one day we'll meet in some new place
You'll know me by the smile on my face
None of us escapes this life alive
All we have to give is what we leave behind
So live life loud - life it free
Do it for yourself, baby, do it for me
Live life loud - live life free
Let that be my legacy