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Jill Detroit: Music

I Could Have Been A Better Friend

(Jill Detroit)
April 20, 2018
Jill Detroit
Good friends know when to step in and when to stay out.
Cho: I could have been a better friend to you
When I had the chance to
Now it's too late to make amends
I should have walked an extra mile or two
When you needed me to
That's what you do for friends

V1: When I saw you on the street that day
Don't know why I looked the other way
I guess I thought we had a lot more time
To get to know each other better
And talk about whatever
Happened to weigh most on your mind


V2: I heard that you were having trouble
Finding life to be a struggle
I didn't ask you what it was about
I just assumed you'd rise above it
'Cause you always seemed to love it
You always found a way to work things out


Bridge: Friendship's like respect
When you give then you get
Appreciate the one
Who accepts you for who you are

V3: If I'd a looked a little closer
Been a little bit nosier
You might have confided in me
I really should have followed through
I should have been there for you
Like you were always there for me