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Jill Detroit: Music


(Jill Detroit)
April 20, 2018
Jill Detroit
Those of us who create songs appreciate the inspiration that seems to come from the universe. We can't really take the credit - we just need to honor the gift we're given. My son has always called me the "songcatcher" because I seem to capture phrases or melodies from the air and put them into songs.
V1: I just need to listen, listen to the voice inside
Let the sound surround me - learn to step aside
All I need is a heartbeat or the sound of falling tears
To be inspired by the song my heart hears

Cho Songcatcher
Romancer of melody
Chasing after
Beautiful harmony

V2: Maybe it's a chorus or maybe a phrase
Sometimes fleeting, sometimes it stays
I'm grateful for the message and hopeful it will bring
Something to someone who needs a song to sing


V3: I can't take the credit as much as I'd like to
I just need to lay back, let the music come through
I don't ask permission from anyone else
I just recognize the gift within myself